27 jan 2021

Belgian ‘Busker Artist Agency’ joins the ‘All Things Live’ partnership

Belgium’s leading local booking agency – Busker Artist Agency – joins All Things Live. The agency is representing around 60 local music acts including Belgian pop, rock, hip-hop, r&b and soul artists/bands and was involved in around 700 shows in Belgium during 2019.


All Things Live expands into the Belgian market from a position as the leading independent live entertainment company in the Nordics. Busker Artist Agency maintains its independence and will continue on the growth journey supported by the strong organization and network of the All Things Live partnership.


I am very pleased that Busker will become a member of the All Things Live family as this exciting move allows us to take our business to the next level after two decades and thousands of amazing live experiences in Belgium. All Things Live will broaden our network and support our growth and we will strengthen our position amongst Belgian artists as well,” says Werner Dewachter, founder and CEO of Busker Artist Agency, home of artists like Selah Sue, Coely, Eefje de Visser, STUFF., Zwangere Guy, Tourist LeMC and Gabriel Rios.


As the company becomes part of the All Things Live partnership, Marcus Deblaere will join the Belgian business as senior promoter and head of festivals, bringing extensive experience as a concert promoter at Ancienne Belgique Brussels, Trix Antwerp and as creative manager at music management company Musickness. Together with Werner Dewachter, he will coordinate Busker’s daily management.


The combination of Busker Artist Agency and All Things Live entails great opportunities. In close collaboration with Werner and our new Nordic colleagues we will be able to set up creative and challenging concerts, festivals and live events, support our beloved Belgian artists and scene, and export some of the great Belgian successes to the interesting Nordic and European markets,” says Marcus Deblaere.


Busker Artist Agency, currently consisting of 5 employees, also expands its services with senior booking agents Bjorn Nuyens and Willem Vandesande. Both Willem, as concert promoter (All Eyes On Hip Hop), independent booker (Commander Spoon, Liesa Van der Aa, Tristan, ... & former Greenhouse Talent), and Bjorn, running the independent Ampersand Artist Agency (Dirk., Nordmann, It It Anita, ...), bring extensive experience to the table.


All Things Live will establish a strong platform in the Belgian market and expand outside the Nordics with the acquisition of Busker Artist Agency. The acquisition furthermore expands All Things Live’s local reach within smaller live events, which are expected to face fewer COVID-19 restrictions in the coming period and seen to rebound before international tour concerts and large events.


We are excited Busker is joining the All Things Live partnership as we now gain a solid foothold in the Belgian market, which is in many ways comparable to the Nordic markets that we know so well. We see great prospects in the dedicated Busker team, the many talented artists and the expansion into Belgium, and we are full of confidence as we look ahead to 2021,” says Kim Worsøe, CEO of All Things Live Group.


22 January 2021


The acquisition does not entail changes for artists, partners, customers or employees as market proximity is a key focus area for the All Things Live partnership.


Additional information

Werner Dewachter, Busker Artist Agency +32 2 300 80 90 / werner@busker.be

Marcus Deblaere
+32 478 65 29 02 /

Kim Worsøe, All Things Live Group
+45 33 12 20 00 /


Busker Artist Agency

Busker Artist Agency is Belgium’s leading local booking agency with 5 employees representing around 60 local music acts such as Selah Sue, Coely, Eefje de Visser, STUFF., Zwangere Guy, Tourist LeMC and Gabriel Rios. The company was founded in 2002 and has a broad roster of Belgian pop, rock and urban artists and bands. In 2019, Busker Artist Agency was involved in around 700 shows across Belgium at various venues and festivals.




All Things Live

All Things Live was established in December 2018 following Waterland Private Equity’s acquisition of leading Nordic live entertainment companies in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The partnership entered the Finnish scene in 2019 and now expands into Belgium as well.


All Things Live will have more than 180 employees and covers the full spectrum from acts and comedy productions over musical productions, stand-up events and electronic music festivals to arena concerts.


All Things Live represents over 250 local artists on exclusive contracts, normally promotes more than 5000 local and international events with more than 1,8 million tickets sold per year and has entered into a number of partnerships with large corporate clients.




Ampersand Artists Management & Bookings



All Eyes On Hip Hop